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     The Seven Levels of Initiation

An excerpt from the book Beyond Ascension by Dr. Joshua David Stone

In this chapter I am going to give a brief synopsis of the seven levels of initiation. For a more detailed account I highly recommend reading my first book, "The Complete Ascension Manual: How to Achieve Ascension in This Lifetime".

The spiritual path really begins prior to the seven levels of initiation. This has been esoterically called the "path of probation". It could be likened to the nine months of gestation in the womb prior to birth. This is one's spiritual gestation, of course. The actual birth is the taking of the first initiation.

The first initiation deals with developing mastery over our most dense body or vehicle which is the physical body. To pass this initiation one is required to develop a beginning level of mastery over this body and its appetites, requirements, sexual urges, sleep habits, and so on in service of the soul or Higher Self, which at this point would hold the ideal of balance and moderation.

The second initiation deals with the need to develop mastery over our second most dense vehicle which is the emotional and/or astral body. To pass this initiation one must develop mastery over one's emotions, feelings, and desires to a certain degree, in service of the soul and/or Higher Self. It is not so much the perfection in this regard that is required, but rather conscious intent and continual choice-making to move in this direction. Material desires are beginning to be transformed into the spiritual desire for liberation and God realization. The disciple is learning to not be a victim of their desires, feelings and emotions, but rather a master and cause. (See my second book called "Soul Psychology" for help in this area.) This is the level ofinitiation in which most people stay stuck the longest.

The third initiation is mastery of the next most dense vehicle which is the mental body. To pass this initiation one must develop some level of mastery over the mind and one's thoughts in service of the soul. This initiation is the first more major initiation, for this initiation leads one to achieve what is called "soul merger", or soul infusion. The mastery of the physical body, astral body, and mental body allow the disciple and/or personality on Earth to merge with their soul on Earth. This can clearly be seen in the disciple in their desire to be loving, forgiving, and to be of service, as well as to begin the process of liberation from the "Wheel of Rebirth".

It must be understood here that initiation is a process. It doesn't all happen in one moment. There is one moment when you receive the Rod of Initiation from the Lord Maitreya (the "president" of the Spiritual Hierarchy), however there are seven sublevéis between each of the seven major initiations. When one takes any given initiation they become a kindergarten disciple or initiate at that level. You must then move through all seven sublevéis to fully complete that initiation. This is what I was referring to in the introduction when I said I took my sixth initiation or ascension, however I really didn't fully complete it until I realized the seventh sublevel of the sixth initiation and then took my seventh major initiation. It wasn't until then that I really felt as though I had graduated and fully mastered my ascension.

Once one merges with their soul at the third initiation things begin to speed up very rapidly. The fourth initiation is a major marker point. It is at this initiation that the soul body, which is also esoterically referred to as the causal body, burns up and the Higher Self or soul, which has been your

guide through all your incarnations, merges back into the Monad and/or Spirit. The Monad and/or Spirit has also been referred to as the "Mighty I AM Presence" in some schools. From this moment on. Spirit is your guide and teacher, not the soul. The soul was serving as an intermediary teacher until this moment.

The soul body and/or causal body previous to this initiation serves as the repository for all your good karma from all your past lives and your current life. This repository is burned up over a period of time as one moves through towards completion of this initiation.

The fourth initiation has also been esoterically referred to as the initiation of renunciation. This is so because, prior to taking it, one is required on some level to renuncíate or let go of all attachments to the material world. This means the letting go of one's attachments to fame, fortune, money, power, selfishness, people, family or reputation. I often think of this, myself, as the "Job initiation" in the Bible where everything is stripped away as a test to see if one remains righteous in the eyes of the Lord.

Even though in previous teachings we were told that the fourth initiation meant complete liberation from the Wheel of Rebirth, we now know that while this is an important step, initiates continue through the reincarnation process into another body at the close of this one or through the continuation of this life until full ascension is achieved. I, personally, have not felt fully freed from the Wheel of Rebirth until I completed my sixth initiation and/or the seventh sublevel of the sixth initiation. It was during this initiation ceremony that I finally felt fully freed for eternity. The fourth initiation requires 65% Light quotient in your four body system.

The Fifth Initiation

The fifth initiation is, in a sense, similar to the third initiation. In the third initiation one begins the process of soul merge. The fifth initiation is the beginning stage of "Monadic merger". This could also be called "Spirit merge", and/or "I AM Presence". It is for this reason that this initiation might be considered the very, very beginning glimpse of your actual ascension which is the sixth initiation.

What ascension really is is where the personality on Earth, the soul, and the Monad all become one unified being on Earth. The fifth initiation merges the Monad in consciousness, however not in full actuality yet. At the fifth initiation one has to have 75% Light quotient in one's field.

Another thing I want to say here about the initiation process that most people don't understand, is that these initiations occur on the inner plane and are very subtle. I would say most people are not even consciously aware they have taken them. This is true very often even in the case of those people who are theoretically aware of the seven levels of initiation and are working on them consciously. This is even true of taking one's actual ascension, which, I am sure will blow apart most people's fantasies and conceptions of what ascension really is. I speak from direct knowledge and experience in saying these things.

I must admit that the process of completing seven levels of initiation was much different than I expected. I, personally, happened to be quite aware of all of my later initiations and they were all quite wonderful; this is rare as I am learning. I am acquainted with a great number of people now who are beginning to take these initiations. Everyone agrees, however, that the actual initiation experience is more subtle than they expected. This is not to say that they are not profound. I was profoundly impacted by my fifth, sixth and seventh initiations, but not in the way that I expected to be, and was most deeply affected by the seventh initiation. This is where I felt the largest and most extraordinary transformation took place.

The Sixth Initiation and Ascension

The taking of the sixth initiation is the actual ascension experience for which everyone is waiting and working. In the past, when a person took their sixth initiation they usually left their bodies and passed on to the spiritual world. On rare occasions they were able to dematerialize their physical body and take it with them; however this was more the exception than the rule. The new push of the Spiritual Hierarchy and Sanat Kumara is to have people ascend (take their sixth initiation) and continue serving on Earth to help bring in the "new age".

Ascension is full merger with the Monad or I AM Presence, or Spirit on Earth. There is a ceremony that takes place on the inner plane involving Sanat Kumara; however in my opinion, most will not remember it. The actual experience is subtle, while the implications of taking this initiation are quite profound.

There are seven planes through which each of us must evolve. Each of these seven planes is connected with each of the seven levels of initiation.

As you can see from this little diagram, ascension is movement into the Monadic and Logoic planes. Each initiation you go through stabilizes you at the "next higher plane". I am using the word "plane" here rather than dimension because there are seven planes and nine dimensions with which we deal here on Earth.

Ascension and/or the sixth initiation is movement into the fifth dimension. The seventh initiation is movement into the sixth dimension. As you can see, the dimensions are different from what we call the seven subplanes that make up the Cosmic physical plane. There are also seven Cosmic planes of which you can read more in my first book, "The Complete Ascension Manual: How to Achieve Ascension in This Lifetime". Even taking the seventh initiation is less than one inch up a ten inch ruler in terms of how far we still have to go to fully realize God at the highest Cosmic level. Evolving through these seven major initiations is a major step, however.

The first Cosmic initiation, from the point of view of the higher university on Sirius, is the fifth initiation. The second Cosmic initiation from the point of view of Sirius is the sixth initiation and/or one's ascension. The third Cosmic initiation being the seventh initiation. There are two more initiations that can be taken after we leave the Earth. These are the eighth and the ninth. The completion of the ninth is the movement and doorway to leaving the Cosmic physical universe altogether.

Getting back to the sixth initiation, when you take this initiation you are considered a kindergarten Ascended Master. You do have a choice as to whether you want to leave Earth or remain here and serve. Most are choosing to stay at this time. Just because one ascends does not necessarily mean that one can walk on water, raise the dead, or turn water into wine. These are potential abilities that can be developed, however most people won't develop these abilities until some time after fully completing their seventh initiation.

You will also be happy to know that one does not have to have perfect health in order to ascend; one can even have chronic health lessons. I know this for a fact because I did. One also does not have to be totally free of all negative emotions and/or totally free of the negative ego and lower self. This may surprise some of you; however, I also know this for a fact.

I, personally, know people who have taken their ascension whom I would consider to be emotional victims. Now, they also happen to be extremely gifted in other spiritual areas. Their victimization by their emotional body and desire body, at times, did not prevent their ascension. Again, one only has

to balance 51% of one's karma to ascend.

After you ascend you will basically feel exactly like the same person you were before you ascended. You will just be at a higher octave or plane. You will be carrying more Light, and you will be more connected to Spirit and the Ascended Masters.

I had been under the assumption that freedom from the Wheel of Rebirth was at the beginning or taking of, the sixth initiation. If this were not the case, then why would people over the past centuries physically die when they took this initiation and ascension? Djwhal Khul said that the discrepancy here comes because freedom from the necessity of rebirth was actually at the completion of one's sixth initiation. In my own personal experience also, it felt like true graduation was at the completion of the sixth. What I do know is that liberation from the Wheel of Rebirth is somewhere in the sixth initiation, either in the beginning or the end. It is also somewhat individual, unique to each person, with some even choosing to return again to resolve some of the small percent of remaining karma or strengthen some aspect of their being while continuing to serve the Earth and humanity.

Djwhal Khul has suggested that if you happen to physically die just prior to taking this initiation or during the middle of the sixth, that you should call to the Ascended Masters to help you to complete your initiation process. They can work with you on the inner plane to help you finish up. I should also emphasize here that, yes, you can physically die even though you are ascended!

Ascended Masters are not invulnerable and, in truth, are far from perfect. There are many different kinds of Ascended Masters. Some Ascended Masters (one may call themselves this officially upon taking the sixth initiation), will be emotional types, some mental types, some physical types. The same strengths and weaknesses you had in your four body system before your ascension will be there after you ascend. You will, however, have greater Light, energy, and consciousness with which to heal yourself more quickly.

To ascend and take your sixth initiation you will need 80 to 83% Light quotient in your four body system. This issue regarding the Light quotient is extremely important and I have dedicated the next chapter in this book to show ways of building it. The ascension ceremony most often occurs in a group situation, often at the Wesak festival which occurs at the full moon of Taurus (May).

As I wrote about in my first book, we are now entering a planetary window for mass ascension on this planet between 1995 and the year 2000. Ascensions will continue on a large scale after this, however this is the main window. In the past, it used to take whole lifetimes to just take one initiation. I know for an absolute fact that a person can move through whole levels of initiation in as short a time as five months because I did it. I am not saying everyone will evolve at that rate. It is all up to your commitment and focus. If you are really committed and super focused, I would intuitively say that, during this most extraordinary time in which we are living, if you use all the techniques in this book, and my first two books especially, it is reasonable to expect that you could move through initiations anywhere from one to five years per initiation. I am putting myself out on a limb by saying this because people are so different, however, if you specifically use the tools and ideas given herein, I think this is a reasonable prediction; especially given what is happening to our planet at this time.

The issue then is how one knows one's level of initiation. Study the material in this book and in my first book carefully and your intuition can tell you. If you are proficient in the use of a pendulum, that can be a useful tool. Ask in your meditations. Ask for a dream to tell you every night before bed. As a last resort, you can ask a qualified channel of the Ascended Masters. This is not my favorite method because it is always better to get it from within yourself; however this can be useful at times.

In terms of the Initiation process, I also recommend that you be very discerning as to whom to talk with about this subject. There is the great tendency to compare and compete and this is not good. It is totally antithetical to the whole process. There also is the tendency to judge yourself and others. It is essential to understand that all are God and the Eternal Self regardless of their level of unfoldment and should be treated as such. I am not saying that you can never talk about it, however, be extremely discerning and examine your motives for doing so.

This book is actually the first time I have openly discussed my own initiation process. I have not talked about it in our classes, workshops or seminars at all. I just kept it to myself and tried to be it instead of talk about it. My inner guidance, however, told me that for the purposes of this book and the benefit that might come to you, my reader, from my personal experiences it would be appropriate. The key question is always, "Is there a service purpose for sharing this information or is it for the gratification of the ego? Is it serving the Spirit to share or serving the negative ego?" If it is of service to the soul and Spirit, then so be it; do share. Just be discerning in this regard for we do not want others to feel "less than". As the Bible says, "After pride cometh the fall"! In the Brian Grattan system of initiation in his "Mahatma" books, the taking of one's ascension is still the sixth and the completing of one's ascension is the ninth initiation. The seventh initiation, in Alice Bailey system of initiations, is the 9 1/2 level of Brian Grattan's system. The completion of the seventh initiation would be the same as saying that one has completed the seven sublevéis of the seventh initiation. It is at this point (or at the twelfth initiation in Brian Grattan's system) that all initiations stop for the rest of the incarnation. One's total focus from that point forward is service and helping humanity and the lower kingdoms share in this grace.

There is also a correlation between the initiations and the anchoring of the higher chakras. When one ascends, their 16th chakra has descended and is anchored in one's crown. The 16th chakra is the beginning of the fifth dimensional chakra grid. This is chakras 16 through 22. At the completion of one's seventh initiation the 36th chakra has descended and is fully anchored and actualized in the crown chakra. One of the most important ways of accelerating your spiritual progression is to call forth the anchoring of the fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensional chakra grids during meditation (and, I would say, before sleep every night). In a later chapter in this book I will give detailed explanation of how to do this.

At the time of writing this chapter I have installed all of my 36 chakras, however, I am currently actualizing up to the beginning of my 35th. The reason I bring this up is to share with you that the anchoring, activation and actualization of these individual chakras and the entire chakra grids are scientifically connected to the initiation process. In other words, each chakra can be associated to one of the seven sublevéis between each major initiation. As each individual chakra is anchored, activated and then actualized, one is basically moving up another sublevel.

For a more detailed account of this whole process I have dedicated a chapter to explaining it. For the time being I will say that, prior to your ascension, during every meditation, you should call forth the full anchoring, activation and actualization of your 22 chakras, and your fourth and fifth dimensional chakra grids. The Masters will do this for you upon your request and invitation. Though there may be one, I don't know of any technique other than Light quotient building that will accelerate your evolution more quickly.

It is at the sixth initiation and/or ascension that we also make the choice as to which of the seven paths of higher evolution we will follow upon leaving this plane. These seven paths are:

The Path of Earth Service The Path of Magnetic Work

The Path of Training to become a Planetary Logos The Path to Sirius The Ray Path

The Path on which our Logos is found The Path of Absolute Sonship

There is very little information on this plane about these seven paths. Djwhal Khul, in the Alice Bailey books, is almost the only Master to bring forth any information at all. One of the services I have tried to render in this book in a later chapter is to share with you my research, in easy to understand language, about what these seven paths are. This may be one of the most important chapters in this entire book.

Ascension is basically merging with the "Clear Light of God", much like what is recommended that one do during the Bardo or after death experience. The only difference between this experience and the after death experience potential is that ascension is merging with the "Clear Light of God" while still retaining a physical body. The Monad, at the time of ascension, is able to fully anchor Light at the 80 to 83% level. As one completes their ascension the Light quotient is up to the 92 to 94% level. At the time of writing this book my Light quotient is currently at the 94 to 95% level. I have been guided that within three and a half months time, which falls on the 12:12 ceremony (December 12th, 1994) my Light quotient will be at the 97% level and I will be at the beginning of the seventh sublevel of the seventh initiation, and/or at the beginning of the 12th initiation in Brian Grattan's initiation system. I have also been told that by the Wesak festival on May 14th, 1995 my Light quotient would be fully stabilized at the 98% level and I will have fully stabilized and completed the 7th initiation or, in Brian's method, the 12th initiation. I share this personal information with you to give you a sense of how this process works and a feel for the time frame of how taking these initiations and building one's Light quotient can work.

The Seventh Initiation

The seventh initiation has to do with the movement from the Monadic plane of reality, up to the Logoic or seventh plane of reality. Where the sixth initiation deals with merger with the Monad, the seventh initiation deals with greater merger with Sanat Kumara and Shamballa. Djwhal Khul told me that the seventh degree initiate is usually one who becomes a teacher on a global level in a very visible way.

Sixth degree initiates and Ascended Masters often have this service path, however it is not required. Djwhal Khul also said that much has been given and much is now expected. This is fine, for as A Course in Miracles says, "True pleasure is serving God".

After taking my sixth initiation I asked Vywamus how long it would take for me to achieve my seventh initiation. At that time, He said from one to five years. He also said that the taking of our seventh initiation might be affected by planetary events. One element was the geographic location in which I live. (I live in Los Angeles at the time of this writing, energetically not the best place in the world to do this!)

Vywamus also said that a second factor is the fact that an asteroid is heading toward our planet that will not directly hit the planet but will pass very closely by. The exact timing was not clear; however He said that September 1997 was what He was seeing at the time of the conversation (early in 1994). Vywamus said it would cause a spiritual quickening for the planet. He said that a good metaphor for understanding its effects would be to imagine being in a car parked on a high speed highway. All of a

sudden an 18 wheeler truck goes speeding by. I don't need to explain the effects. This is the effect this asteroid will have on the Earth.

Vywamus said another planetary event that could have an effect on when we take our seventh initiation is the alien situation. He said that extraterrestrials will begin making much more overt contact with planet Earth, around September of 1995. Depending on how overt this contact is, this could send shock waves reverberating throughout the entire planet. I share these personal conversations with you because they may also affect you, my reader. Until now, I had never considered that these planetary events might have any effect on my own initiation process. As it turned out they did not. I took my ascension on March 23rd, 1994, and I took my seventh initiation on August 23rd, 1994. In my forthcoming autobiography, this book, and "The Complete Ascension Manual" I share exactly what I did in detail to move through this entire initiation so quickly.

The seventh initiation causes a complete implosion of energy in the heart chakra. It creates a whole new chakra system. All the chakras become one column of Light, connected with the antakarana and the ascension column. This whole new chakra system is metaphorically like the creation of a new star system where ascension of the sixth initiation is centered in the throat center. The seventh initiation occurs in the heart chakra; it is a merger with the Monad at approximately the 94% Light quotient level.

The seventh initiation is not truly complete until the Light quotient is stabilized at the 97 to 98% level. Djwhal Khul told us that the very beginning stages of the seventh initiation can occur when one reaches the 89 to 91% Light quotient. One really isn't into the seventh initiation until one reaches the 94% Light quotient. I, personally, took the seventh initiation when I was at the 94% Light quotient level, Djwhal said that some could take it when they are between the 92 to 94% level.

The seventh initiation is truly the beginning of transcendence of all physical laws. It is also a complete and total commitment to service and a relinquishment of all negative ego. Djwhal also told us that even though the Monad is fully anchored into the four body system after ascension it would not be completely merged in its full totality until after taking the seventh initiation. The seventh initiation is merger with the sixth dimension of reality, and merger with the seventh dimensional chakra grid, or chakras 30 through 36.

The seventh initiation is divorced from all considerations of form and the initiate becomes a concentrated point of living Light. The seventh initiation gives the initiate the right to come and go in the courts of Shamballa. It has been referred to, esoterically, as the initiation of "resurrection". Lord Maitreya took His seventh initiation on the cross at the death of the Master Jesus. Lord Maitreya, of course, shared Jesus' physical body the last three years of His life. The Master Jesus took His fourth initiation on the cross.

The seventh initiation is where the son or daughter of God has found his way back to the Father and to his originating Source, or that state of existence known as Shamballa. The seventh initiation begins the full opening of involvement with extraplanetary existence with which our Planetary Logos, the Lord of the World is involved.

At this initiation Sanat Kumara is attended by two groups of beings. The first is called "Knowers of the Purpose, Custodians of the Will". This is a smaller group. The second group is much larger and is called "The Wise Ones and Attractive Energies of Shamballa". These beings operate on the high level of the Cosmic plane, correspond to the ajna center of mankind and embody the "Will-to-Good". More succinctly, they are the ajna or third eye center for Sanat Kumara, the Planetary Logos. In a larger context, Shamballa is the crown center; the Spiritual Hierarchy is the Heart Center, and

humanity is the creative throat center. It is also to Shamballa that the seventh degree initiate goes for periods of cyclic recharging.

At the seventh initiation, an even higher electrical force is transmitted to the master through Sanat Kumara's Rod of Initiation which signifies full completion. The master has become a full fledged seventh degree Melchizedek (as the ancient Egyptian teachings described the process). This, again, is the highest initiation that can be taken on the Earthly plane.

After taking the seventh initiation, work still remains in terms of fully realizing or completing this initiation. One has moved from being an advanced sixth degree initiate to a beginning seventh degree initiate. It is most likely in the seventh initiation that the more advanced and transcendent ascension abilities will be developed. That is to say, those which defy physical laws. At the seventh initiation one's Light quotient is high enough (minimally 94%) to master these abilities with more ease.

The eighth initiation has been referred to as the "Great Transition", and will be taken on the inner plane after leaving the material world. The ninth initiation has been esoterically called "The Refusal". It indicates the Master's last contact with what has been referred to as cosmic evil as it relates to this planet.

I took my seventh initiation sitting on top of a physical mountain with my wife, Terri Sue. Upon the completion of a brief ceremony, Djwhal Khui said, "Welcome to the eighth school". Each initiation you pass welcomes you to the school above. Melchizedek referred to this seventh initiation as going through the final seal, which reminded me of the seven seals of which Peter spoke in Revelations.

There was a tremendous feeling and experience of celebration, joy and congratulations after this experience. It really felt like a marker point and like a complete graduation. My wife at the time, Terri Sue, had a dream about three days earlier regarding the completion of our ascension or sixth initiation. In the dream we were both meditating together under the full moon when all of a sudden a sniper shot Terri Sue in the heart and she died. I picked her up and took her to a more comfortable spot and then I was shot in the third eye. (It is very significant as to where we both were shot.) I died and we both ascended. The completion of one's ascension and the taking of the seventh initiation is like a death. Physical existence is never again the same, for one has "totally ascended" and is not just remaining in the physical vehicle as a Bodhisattva for service purposes.

More Information on the Higher Initiations

Third initiation = "Desire to know one's true self Fourth initiation = "Desire for complete knowledge of self Fifth initiation = "Complete unification with peace and harmony" Sixth initiation = "Service"

Seventh initiation = "Complete liberation from Earth bound functions. Development of advanced and transcendent ascension abilities."


Planetary Initiations

Just as we are going through initiations, so does the Earth Mother and Sanat Kumara, who ensouls the Earth as the Planetary Logos. The Earth Mother, or the heavenly body known as Earth, has recently taken her third initiation or soul merge initiation. This is why Earth has moved into what has been termed sacred status. This is a more recent occurrence, for in Djwhal Khul's writings in the Alice Bailey material, this had not happened yet.

Vywamus told me a fascinating piece of information on this process that I had never realized. I asked Vywamus what happens when the Earth Mother completes her seventh initiation. He told me that the Earth Mother will experience a "Nova" or in other words, turn into Light. This means to say that the Earth Mother will ascend. We see that the planetary body known as Earth will experience a similar type of ascension as we humans will upon our completion of the seventh initiation when our work is complete here.

The other thing I asked Vywamus was about Sanat Kumara's initiation process. For Sanat Kumara has recently taken an another initiation. When Sanat Kumara takes an initiation as the Planetary Logos, all evolution on the planet, human, animal, plant and mineral moves up another octave with Him.

I asked Vywamus to explain Sanat Kumara's initiations. He was not allowed to explain too much. H,owever what He did say was that there were twelve more initiations on a more Cosmic level which He was in the process of working through. So there are the seven basic Cosmic initiations and then it seemed He was now beginning to work on the five higher Cosmic initiations that correspond to the five higher Rays on a more Cosmic level. I asked if these initiations related to what might be termed the first 24 initiations of the 352 levels that make up the Mahatma. Vywamus said that He was using a different system. It was interesting to me that the initiation process was still in effect at this more Cosmic level, at least for the training of a Planetary Logos.

Vywamus said that the Earth Mother was still relatively young, rather like a radiant adolescent, and the Earth being is a very sought after planet for the incarnation process. He also said that before Her actual ascension, the life forms on this planet would probably return to a more etheric state before the actual nova, or ascension, effect. This is interesting for this is also how life began on this planet in the pre-Lemurian times. Life was not always physical in the way that we now know and understand it. Earth is a very tough school, Vywamus said. However the potential for spiritual growth and evolvement is enormous and that is why it is sought after.




     Dr. Joshua David Stone: Poverty Consciousness in the Name of Spirituality

I would imagine that the title of this chapter would be Spiritually intriguing to many of my readers, for I think a great many of you already know what I am talking about here.

There is a very interesting small group of lightworkers in the Spiritual Movement who I am sure you all have come across who have “Total Poverty Consciousness in the Name of God or Spirituality”!

What I mean by this is, this unconscious group of people are constantly trying to lay trips on people, telling them they should not charge for their Spiritual services. Now, we all know the real reason they are doing this is because they want your service but don’t have any money! Since they are run by the negative ego, the negative ego is angry about this so it strikes with judgment to blame others for charging money for their Spiritual service. This is, of course, total self-delusion and self-deception, for they charge money for their service, they just don’t want you to charge for yours. The most comical thing about this is, they try to use GOD to support their total poverty consciousness and judgmental and blaming energy and tone, which is also totally of the negative ego!

To now continue the faulty delusional line of thinking of these poverty consciousness individuals, they also lay trips on Spiritual people that all Spiritual services such as channeling, Spiritual readings, Spiritual healings, Spiritual products, Spiritual teaching, Spiritual books, Spiritual workshops, Spiritual events, and Spiritual counseling should be free! This is of course, again, because they don’t have any money. The negative ego, by nature being competitive and not wanting to feel like it is losing anything, starts feeling low self-esteem about not being able to take advantage of such wonderful offerings and feels it is being left behind, so to get back to its position of self-aggrandizement, self-righteousness and being better than others it attacks others and blames others for its own lack of ability to make money. Instead of just admitting to self that this is an area they need to work on, these people can’t do that for then the negative ego will judge them, so the negative ego comes up with the idea to use GOD to judge and attack others, crying “poor me” instead of taking responsibility in this area of life they need to develop!

This type of person believes all Spiritual services should be for free! Their negative ego then lays a trip on good Spiritual people who have prosperity consciousness in a properly balanced way, saying that it is they who are run by the negative ego. Quite an ingenious conniving plan of the negative ego, wouldn’t you say?

All lightworkers must realize that the mind is a brilliant thing, but it can be used by the negative ego or it can be used by the Soul or Spirit! This is called “Spiritual Materialism.” It is where the negative ego has infiltrated religion and the New Age Movement!

The truth, of course, is that it is total prosperity consciousness for Spiritual people to charge for their services no matter what kind they are! This is part of the heavenly/earthly balance and integration. It is not just Spirit who provides this information, it is also the Spiritual channel, Spiritual teacher, Spiritual psychic and Spiritual healer. This is another one of the misconceptions of this type of Spiritual poverty consciousness, if you could even call it that! Life is a co-creation with GOD and the Masters, and this is a fact no matter what kind of Spiritual work one does!

There is the issue of people’s time. Spiritual people need to be paid for their time and the focus of their concentration, even if they are bringing their Spiritual energies of one sort or another. Spiritual people also need to eat, pay their rent and pay their bills like everyone else, which these self-righteous, judgmental, attacking, poverty consciousness-driven people seem to forget!

Now it is true that one should not put money before GOD! There are many lightworkers who do this! This is wrong and should be adjusted and corrected immediately. However, this particular group of poverty consciousness-driven lightworkers have thrown the “baby out with the bath water”! They have gone to the other extreme and now say lightworkers are not allowed to charge for their services. Both extremes are wrong and both extremes are the negative ego at play! It is true lightworkers need to consider helping people at times not just for money. A great many don’t. Those who always have to get paid to serve and help others are just as corrupted by the negative ego as those in poverty consciousness crying the opposite. My Beloved Readers, I think you are beginning to see how tricky the negative ego really is, and how vigilant one must be to not be seduced by all its irrational and insane games.

So next time one of these poverty consciousness-driven lightworkers who has not developed true balanced and integrated prosperity consciousness tries to lay a trip on you, remember this chapter and article and let their “trip” slide off you like “water off a duck’s back,” for it is a projection of their own negative ego and has nothing to do with you!



     The Importance of Owning your Personal Power

By Dr Joshua David Stone

I AM University

“The single most important quality to achieving psychological and spiritual health is learning to own your personal power.” Dr. Joshua David Stone

The conscious mind is the reasoning mind, whereas the subconscious mind is the non-reasoning mind. The superconscious mind is the all-knowing mind. Another metaphor is that the conscious mind is the captain of the ship, computer programmer, decision maker, gardener. If the conscious mind is the captain, then the subconscious mind is the shipmate below the deck who follows whatever orders the captain gives. The subconscious mind is the computer or tape recorder.

Thirdly, the subconscious mind is the soil. If the conscious mind is the gardener, the gardener plants the seeds (thoughts), and the soil grows whatever kind of seed is planted, be it a weed or a beautiful flower. The subconscious mind will store information and follow orders whether the orders are rational or irrational. The subconscious mind doesn’t care, as it has absolutely no reasoning ability.

The subconscious mind is a paradox. It has no reasoning and yet it has an incredible number of amazing abilities and intelligence factors. The best metaphor to understand this is the computer analogy. A computer is an incredible piece of equipment, yet it doesn’t care whether it’s programmed to solve the energy crisis or to create a nuclear war. It has the intelligence to do either job efficiently, but doesn’t have the reasoning to not want to create nuclear war

The subconscious does whatever it is programmed to do, no matter what. A good example is that the subconscious mind completely operates and runs the physical body. This can be proven by the effects of hypnotic suggestions given to a person concerning the body.

The only problem is that the subconscious mind is as happy to destroy the body as it is to create perfect health. The subconscious mind has the intelligence to create perfect health or create cancer. It will create whatever it is programmed to do.

No one consciously programs cancer, but many people unconsciously program cancer into their bodies with self-hatred, victim consciousness, revenge, giving up, and so on. The idea is that you want to tell yourself or your subconscious mind constantly that you are in perfect radiant health and that every day in every way you are getting healthier and healthier.

The subconscious mind works entirely separate from the functioning of the conscious mind. It works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, while you are sleeping and awake, and never gets tired. It is constantly doing whatever it has been programmed to do.

Intelligence Factor of the Subconscious Mind

The basic function of the subconscious mind is to store information. It is the storehouse and memory bank of all our thoughts, feelings, emotions, imagination, habit patterns, impulses and desires. From the time we have been little infants, we have been programmed by our parents, grandparents, television, peers, teachers, ministers, and extended family.

As little children we are all victims. By this, I mean that children’s reasoning minds have not developed enough to be able to discriminate and protect them from negative programming. As little children we were totally open. Our subconscious minds are filled with mental poisons, faulty thinking and faulty beliefs. Just as the body can be filled with physical toxins from poor eating, the subconscious is filled with mental toxins from improper programming and education.

This book will teach you how to get rid of the faulty thinking in the subconscious mind and how to reprogram it with new positive spiritual programming. For now, however, let’s continue with delineating the intelligence factor of the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind also creates our dreams every night. There are occasions when the super consciousness creates dreams. However, most dreams are created by the subconscious mind. A dream is basically a mirror of the way we think, feel, and act during our conscious daily life. A dream is like a newspaper we receive every night, depicting the organization and dynamics of our internal energies.

The only difference between dreams and a real newspaper is that dreams are in the universal language of symbols. To understand our dreams is to understand that every part of our dream is, in reality, a part of us. By examining the relationship of the symbols we can gain insight and understanding of the patterns that are manifesting in our lives.

A dream is an automatic process that the subconscious mind brings to us as feedback. This feedback is essential because very often we are all manifesting patterns in our lives that we are not consciously aware we are manifesting.

The subconscious mind can also be termed the habit mind. It stores all our habits, both positive and negative. A lot of people think habits are bad. This is not true. We want to get rid of only bad habits. Ideally we want to strive to create good habits.

A good example of this is learning to drive a stick shift car. When we first learn how, it takes a lot of conscious effort and will power. After we learn how, it becomes automatic. If we didn’t have a subconscious mind to store our developed abilities, it would always take great focus and concentration.

There is a basic psychological or metaphysical law that states that it takes twenty-one days to cement a new habit into the subconscious mind. You can learn something in a day, but to make a habit in the subconscious mind takes twenty-one days. This ability by the subconscious mind of storing habits allows us to grow continually and develop new abilities without worrying about old ones.

The subconscious mind is where the Law of Magnetism and Attraction operates. The subconscious mind is continually attracting and repelling things to and from us according to what has been programmed into it. A master is someone who uses this law to his own conscious benefit.

Lets take the example of money and prosperity. If you have the belief in your subconscious mind that you will never have money, you won’t. If, on the other hand, you think you will, the subconscious mind will attract those opportunities and possibilities to you. Whatever you want in life, all you have to do is affirm or visualize this into the subconscious mind, and the subconscious mind will attract and magnetize it to you.

Carl Jung spoke of this when he talked about the collective unconscious. The subconscious mind is interconnected with all other subconscious minds. You might say that all the sons and daughters of God have one great subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind also has the ability to sense radiations of energy. We all automatically use this ability in our daily lives. This ability can be specifically used in areas such as water dowsing, or water witching. The subconscious can be programmed to search for any physical substance, not just water. It can sense the radiation of energy of any substance for which it is programmed to search.

The subconscious mind is also the seat of our psychic abilities. The subconscious has five inner senses that are the subtler counterparts of our five external senses: Inner sight (clairvoyance), inner hearing (clairaudience), inner smell, inner taste, and inner touch.

Have you ever noticed that when you dream you have your five senses available to you? How can this be if you are sleeping? This is because you are utilizing your five inner senses of the subconscious mind. All people have psychic abilities and can develop them further. It is just a matter of practice and proper training as with any external ability.

How the Conscious Mind Works in Relationship to the Subconscious Mind

The key function of the conscious mind is to be the computer programmer, protector and master of the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is meant to be the servant or servomechanism of the conscious mind. Most people, not understanding these psychological laws, let their subconscious mind run them. When this happens, people become victims and start having a lot of problems.

The subconscious mind was never meant to direct your life. It will run you into oblivion if you let it, not because it is bad, but because it has no reasoning. In and of itself it is divine. Why would you let a non reasoning mind run your life? Strangely enough, this is what most people do.

The ideal is that every time a thought, feeling, or impulse arises out of the subconscious mind, it should be checked or rationalized. You might imagine an inner gate or inner bubble that protects you from your own subconscious mind. When a thought or feeling or impulse arises, it is the job of the conscious mind to use its powers of reasoning, discernment and discrimination to check that thought at the gate. If the thought or impulse is positive and spiritual, you let it into your mind. If it is negative, you push it out.

Psychological health is the process of letting into your mind positive spiritual balanced thoughts. Psychological health is like physical health. If you want to be physically healthy you put good healthful food into your body. If you want to be psychologically healthy you put good healthful thoughts into your mind.

By pushing the negative thoughts out of your mind, you are refusing them energy. This is much like a plant that is not being watered. It eventually withers and dies from lack of water (attention and focus). The second step is to affirm the opposite positive thought or spiritual thought. This is called positive thinking and the use of positive affirmations.

By continually disregarding the negative thought and affirming the positive thought, a new habit is formed in the subconscious mind. The old habit dies because you are not giving it energy; and the new habit is formed because you are continually affirming and thinking positively. Within twenty one days a new habit can be formed.

You must remember that the subconscious is filled with all these old tapes that your parents and other people programmed into you when you were young. If the conscious mind isn’t making choices, then all this old program-ming from early childhood is programming your present life. Development of the Outer Bubble or Shield to Protect You From Other People’s Negative Energy

Just as it is essential to develop an inner bubble to protect you from your own subconscious mind, it is also essential to develop an outer bubble or shield to protect you from other people’s negative energy. The ideal, as I have already mentioned, is for you to be the computer programmer of your subcon-scious mind.

Always remember that, if you don’t take responsibility for this, then the subconscious mind or other people will run your life. The ideal is to be the cause, creator and master of your own life. If these psychological laws aren’t clearly understood, then other people will be your computer programmers.

Let’s take the example of someone criticizing or judging you. The ideal is to have an imaginary bubble, shield, or light around you so that, when criticism comes toward you, it hits the bubble or shield and slides off like water off a duck’s back. You can imagine its bouncing off like a rubber pillow.

You make a conscious choice or discrimination as to whether to let it into your subconscious mind or not. It must be understood that this bubble is a semipermeable bubble. In other words, it allows in positive energy but keeps out negative energy.

If you don’t have this bubble of protection available to you at all times, then you can be victimized by another person’s comments, statements or energy. There is a time to be open and a time to be closed. It is necessary to close down and protect yourself if other people are being negative. If someone would throw an actual physical spear at you, I am sure you would physically try to get out of the way if you could.

It is the same thing psychologically. When other people are directing negative energy towards you it is like a psychological spear. You will be poisoned if you let it in. You wouldn’t let a person shove physical poison down your physical mouth. So don’t let people shove mental poison into your mind. You don’t want the subconscious mind to run your life and you don’t want other people to run your life either.

Another way of saying this is that you want to respond instead of react. To respond is to choose how to deal with the incoming energy. To react is to let the incoming energy go right into your subconscious mind, solar plexus, or emotional body and lash back. If someone judges or attacks you and you let it in, you will either be hurt, withdrawn and cry, or lash back. You are letting another person be the cause of your emotions. You want to cause your emotions.

Another way of saying this is that you are letting yourself be hypnotized. I am licensed as a hypnotist, as well as being a licensed counselor. However, most of my work as a counselor is not hypnotizing people but de hypnotizing them. Many people are in hypnosis, and I am trying to get them out of it.

You are in hypnosis when you are a victim. You are letting another person program your emotions in a waking state. You are hyper suggestible when you don’t make a choice as to how you want to respond. In reality we all are invulnerable psychologically. This is a very profound statement. To be invulnerable means that we can’t get emotionally hurt unless we choose to be.

My Favorite Metaphor of All

My favorite metaphor is likening psychological health to physical health. If a person you know catches a cold or the flu, you certainly don’t want to get it. You do everything in your power not to get it. You stay away from that person. You take extra Vitamin C. You tell yourself you are not going to get sick. You eat well and try to get enough sleep. In other words, you build up your resistance. If you keep your resistance up you don’t get sick.

Doctors and nurses don’t get all the sicknesses of their patients. How come? The reason is that there is no such thing as a contagious disease. There are only people with “low resistance”.

This analogy is exactly the same on the psychological level. There is no such thing as a contagious psychological disease. There are only people with low resistance. How do we keep up our psychological resistance so we don’t catch the infectious diseases of anger, depression, jealousy, judgment, attack, grudges, hatred and so on? We keep our psychological resistance up by maintaining a positive mental attitude.

The protective bubble is one main positive attitude technique. Other key techniques are maintaining one’s personal power, maintaining unconditional self love and self worth, faith and trust in God.

These are a few of the main attitudes. In following chapters I will explore some of the others. The main point is that we are here in this world to set a better example. We are here to bring other people up, not to let ourselves be sucked down. So in essence the earth is like a hospital that is run by the patients. There are very few healers or doctors. The purpose of life is to be a healer or doctor.

When you allow other people to victimize you to the negative, you have become one of the patients again, and now you are in need of healing. This is okay if it happens. The lesson is to get yourself back to your centered self and be the doctor and healer as soon as you can, for this is the mission and purpose in this lifetime for all of us. The Development of Personal Power The First Golden Key

Of all the attitudes and qualities that need development in the healthy personality none is more important than personal power or the development of will. This last statement and point cannot be emphasized enough. Everything I have spoken of so far in this book will not work if you don’t have personal power. Personal power is the key that makes the theory and ideals work. Personal power, or will power, is the first golden key.

What is personal power? Personal power or will is the guiding force of the healthy personality. Personal power is first an attitude. We can choose to hold an attitude of weakness or strength as we begin each day. Your power is the energy that you use to enforce your decisions.

For example, let’s say you want to exercise at 3 o’clock. When 3 o’clock comes it is a good bet that you will need your power to make yourself do what you have committed yourself to do. Your power is also needed to control your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind will push you around unless you own your own power, so personal power is the enforcing agent of the conscious mind. It is the energy that mind musters to command and direct that personality. Personal power in its external usage is assertiveness.

Personal power is also very much tied in with decisiveness. It is intrinsic in the attitudes of “piss or get off the pot” and “fish or cut bait.” If you are not decisive, then the subconscious mind or other people will make your decisions for you. The subconscious mind has no reasoning, and other people’s decisions are not always in your best interest.

How can you be the master of yourself and your life if you do not have personal power? If you don’t own your power, then you end up giving it to the subconscious or to other people. We know that God has power. The fact is that we are co creators and mini gods, so we have power, too. God helps those who help themselves. You can’t help yourself if you don’t own your power.

There is and has always been total personal power available to you. Personal power is nothing more than energy in your physical body and subconscious mind that you are using to control your life. Part of owning your power is being a spiritual warrior in life. Never giving up, and the will to live is really the will to fight.

Yoga teaches that life is not only a school but also a battlefield. We are trying to get to the top of a mountain. Progress entails taking three steps forward and slipping back two, or seven steps forward and slipping six, ad infinitum, until the top is reached. This is the nature of life for everyone on the spiritual path. The most important thing is not to be a quitter.

Paramahansa Yogananda, the great Indian sage, said, “A saint is a sinner who never gave up.” Part of owning your power is to keep plugging away. It is also having faith in God’s power, as well as your own personal power. When all outer security is stripped away, you always know that you have your power and God’s power available to you and with you all the time. This is true safety and security.

You power is the energy that you use to take risks. If you don’t own your power, you are going to have a hard time keeping your bubble of protection up. Your power is what allows you to “fake it until you make it”. Your personal power, in essence, is your center. When you are in charge you feel more centered.

When you use your power over a long period of time you have what is called discipline. Owning your power is what allows the conscious reasoning mind to stay in control and not to be overwhelmed by subconscious or environmental forces. When you don’t own your power you get depressed. Anyone who is depressed is not owning his power.

There are two opposing forces in life: Good and evil, light and darkness, positive and negative, illusion and truth, egotistical thinking and spiritual thinking. Your power is your weapon with which to fight the negative and identify with the positive. As Edgar Cayce said, “There is no force in the universe more powerful than your will or power.”

The conscious reasoning mind, with the will or power, then directs all the incoming forces. If we don’t have will or power we would be overwhelmed. People in the extreme state of giving up their power, control and mastery have become psychotic. The conscious mind has abdicated all responsibility for control, mastery, orchestration and directorship. The subconscious mind and the environment totally take over.

You don’t have to be afraid of your power because you are going to use it only in a loving way to serve God, yourself and other people. Whenever you are in power you will feel good. When you have your power, you are challenging and asserting yourself. When you don’t have your power, life is clobbering you. The essence of what I am trying to teach in my work is that we are causes of our reality. To be the cause of our reality all the time, we must own our power. How Do You Claim Your Power?

You claim your power by choosing every morning, the second you get up, to affirm the attitude in your mind that you have it. The diagram at the end of this chapter, lists some personal power affirmations that you can say to yourself to cultivate and build this energy. I have also included some emotional invulnerability affirmations to build your protective bubble since this is so much involved with owning your power.

Edgar Cayce, the great sleeping prophet, made another very important statement involving power. He talked about the importance of developing positive anger. I emphasize the term “positive” anger. Positive anger is controlled anger that is not directed at other people or yourself but rather at the dark force that is trying to push us down. It is used to catapult us toward the light and positivity.

There is enormous power tied up with anger. The idea is to channel this power constructively and creatively. Jesus turned to one of his disciples when he started to complain and said, “Get thee behind me, Satan.” I think positive anger has to do with having some real emotion and feeling behind your power.

When you say the affirmations to yourself, say them with emotions and real power or they won’t work. The subconscious mind and other people will victimize you to the degree that you do or do not own your power. As soon as you mean business the subconscious will become your servant. You have to make it serve you, not ask it to serve you. It should also be noted here that God is not going to control your subconscious mind for you, no matter how much you pray. That is not His job. That is your job.

Every morning when get up, claim your power, and commit yourself to becoming the master of your life. Be loving, serve God, and have a great day, and let nothing in this universe stop you from your appointed task. This is how to live properly. Once you have established your power, then pray for God’s help and do some affirmations and visualizations to program your subconscious mind the way you want it to work for you. This is the ultimate power in the universe.

Do you realize the power that is at your disposal? How can you not win this war? How can you not eventually get to the top of the mountain? How can you not be successful with all this power? Add to this the fact that we are each the sons and daughters of God in truth and are each one with God. Can God and the sons and daughters of God lose a battle with Satan, which is another name for ego, illusion, negative thinking?

My Two Favorite Spiritual Affirmations

1.God, my personal power and the power of my subconscious mind are an unbeatable team.

2. Be still and know that I am God.

Another method of charging up your power is to visualize some symbol you are holding that denotes your full power maybe a sword, a crown, the Rod of Moses, a baseball bat. Combine this kind of imagery with your affirmations and you will feel even more power. Psychological Disidentification and Identification Exercise

Suggested instructions:

Every morning and every night for twenty one days repeat this page of affirmations out loud three times until they fully sink into your conscious and subconscious mind.

Disidentification Exercise:

I have a body, but I am not my body. My body may find itself in different conditions of health or sickness. This has nothing to do with my real self, or the real “I”.

I have behavior, but I am not my behavior. All my behavior comes from my thoughts. If I have not developed self mastery and I am operating on automatic pilot, I sometimes behave inappropriately. Even though I behave well or poorly, I am not my behavior. This has nothing to do with my real self, my real “I.”

I have feelings and emotions, but I am not my feelings and emotions. If I have not yet developed self mastery, my feelings and emotions are sometimes negative and sometimes positive. As I become more of a cause, creator, chooser and master of my life this will change. Though a wave of feelings and emotions may overtake me, I know I am not my feelings and emotions. My true nature will not change. “I” remain the same.

I have a mind, but I am not my mind. My mind is my tool for creating my feelings, emotions, behavior, and body, as well as what I attract into my life. If I have not developed self mastery, my mind sometimes runs me, instead of me running my mind. My mind is my most valuable tool, but it is not what “I” am.

Identification Exercise:

What am “I”?

After disidentifying myself (the “I”) from the contents of conscious-ness, I recognize and affirm that I am a center of pure self consciousness. I am a center of will and personal power, capable of being the cause and creator of every aspect of my life. I am capable of causing, directing, choosing and creating all my thoughts, feelings, emotions, behavior, health or disease of my physical body, and the kinds of things I attract and magnetize into my life. This is who “I” am.

Personal Power and Becoming a Creative Cause Affirmations

I am the power, the master, and the cause of my attitudes, feelings, emotions, and behavior.

I am 100% powerful, loving, and balanced at all times.

I am powerful, whole, and complete within myself. I have preferences but not attachments.

I am 100% powerful and decisive in everything I do.

I have perfect mastery and control over all my energies in service of a loving spiritual purpose.

I am the master and director of my life, and my subconscious mind is my friend and servant.

I am a center of pure self consciousness and will, with the ability to direct my energies wherever I would have them go.

I am powerful, centered, and loving at all times.

I am powerful and centered at all times and nothing in this external universe will I allow to knock me off balance or center.

I have 100% personal power and I vow never to give it to my subconscious mind or other people ever again.

I have perfect self control and self mastery in everything I do. Emotional Invulnerability

I am 100% invulnerable to other people’s negative energy. Other people’s negative energy slides off me like water off a duck’s back.

I am the cause of my feelings and emotions not other people. I will not give them this power over me ever again.

Other people’s negative energy bounces off me like a rubber pillow.

I hear what other people have to say to me. However, I internalize only that which “I choose” to internalize.

The only effect other people’s negative energy has is the effect I let it have. I choose not to be affected ever again.



          Dr. Joshua David Stone: Live the Impossible Dream

My Beloved Readers, it was Don Quixote from Man of La Mancha that sang the song “Dream the Impossible Dream! Fight the Unbeatable Foe! Bear the Unbearable Sorrow! Go where the Brave Dare Not Go!

On this day of our Lord, Spirit, the Masters and I say to you, “Dream the Impossible Dream!” The impossible dream, with the help of the inner and outer Earthly plane I AM University, is for you to become a 22nd degree Planetary Christ, Mighty I AM Presence and Fully Integrated Ascended Master! The impossible dream is for you to achieve your resurrection and physical ascension as the Master Sananda/Jesus did.

Fulfill your highest seed potential in God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the Mighty I AM Presence. Fully manifest your Spiritual mission on Earth. Step fully into Spiritual leadership and Planetary World Service. Develop and refine your consciousness into the Christ, Mighty I AM Presence and Integrated Ascended Master you truly are. Make this the lifetime of all lifetimes! Make this lifetime the collective dream of all humanity to turn our Earthly civilization in to a Christ / Mighty I AM Presence / Ascended Master Civilization.

This is the “Impossible Dream” my friends, that is now made possible through the help of the inner and outer plane I AM University. The Aquarian Age is for all to become the Christ within, the Mighty I AM Presence within, the Integrated Ascended Master within. The impossible dream is to help our Planet, solar system, galaxy, universe, multi-universe and God/dess ascend.

“Fight the Unbeatable Foe!” The unbeatable foe is the negative ego and self, for life is nothing more than self meeting self. We each cause our own reality so no one does anything to us, we do it to ourselves! Adversity is a gift. All problems are caused by the negative ego / fear-based / separative / dualistic / illusionary / selfish / lower-self / materialistic mind. The I AM University gives you the wisdom, insight, understanding, guidance and tools to beat the unbeatable foe!

“Bear the Unbearable Sorrow!” The I AM University helps you to realize that one can have pain, but not suffering. Suffering is of the mind! Pain is of the body. Sananda/Jesus did not suffer on the cross but may have had some physical pain.

Was it not Buddha who said in his Piscean Age Four Noble Truths that all suffering comes from attachment? Let go of your attachments and you won’t suffer. Lord Buddha also said all suffering comes from wrong points of view. We feel the way we think. Happiness is a state of mind, a perspective on life. We can choose a Spiritual / Christ / Buddha / Krishna / Moses / Mohammed / Mighty I AM Presence / God / Goddess Perspective rather than a negative ego / fear-based / separative / dualistic / illusionary / selfish / lower-self / materialistic perspective. The key to bearing the unbearable sorrow is to see it is all in your attitude! Sananda/Jesus even laughed on his way to the Cross, it is written in his Book of Life and Akashic records. Everything that happens in life is a blessing and is there to Spiritually test, and teach and provide opportunities to grow. The unbearable sorrow can be overcome by seeing there is no sorrow, for sorrow is the negative ego interpretation of the mind. The Christ and Mighty I AM Presence interprets all things as opportunities to fully realize Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness. Sananda/Jesus’ crucifixion became his greatest glory, for without the Cross there is no Crown! Without death, there is resurrection! The supreme lemon in life is really lemonade if you will but just see it that way.

HJ: More pertinent, timeless advice from the late Dr. Joshua David Stone.  Stone’s wisdom and ever optimistic writing has inspired countless thousands of souls towards higher consciousness.  I post his words of inspiration here so that it may help those in need during these turbulent times.  - Truth

Written by Dr Joshua David Stone


“Go where the Brave Dare Not Go!” As God/dess told me recently in every life wave only a handful of Souls really make it to Mighty I AM Presence, Christ and Integrated Ascended Master Realization. This is out of six billion Souls! Only a handful make it! Out of this handful maybe even just one goes for God/Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Mighty I AM Presence all the way. My Beloved Readers; Spirit, the Masters and I ask you, right now in this holy instant, will you dare to go where the brave do not go? Will you be one of the Souls in that handful? All are chosen, but few choose to listen! Will you be one of the few that is able to step out of mass consciousness? That can truly put God/dess first? That can truly seek the Kingdom of God/dess? That can truly give your life to God/dess and Christ, and the Mighty I AM Presence for a whole lifetime? Can you “Go where the Brave Dare not Go?”

This is the Spiritual challenge that God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Mighty I AM Presence, your own Oversoul and Superconscious Mind set before you this day!

Sing with God/dess and the Masters, “Dream the Impossible Dream! Fight the Unbeatable Foe! Bear the Unbearable Sorrow! Go where the Brave Dare Not Go!”

Let this be your mantra and Spiritual battle cry!

As Christ said, “Be ye faithful unto death, and I will give thee a Crown of Life!” Are you willing to dedicate your life not only to your own resurrection and physical ascension, but for your 144 Souls in your Monad and Mighty I AM Presence? Are you willing to focus and dedicate your life serving your brothers and sisters in God/dess, in Christ, in the Mighty I AM Presence? Are you willing to dedicate this life, to bringing onto the Earth a new Christed civilization, I AM civilization and Ascended Master civilization?

Are you willing to dedicate your life to helping our Planet, solar system, galaxy, universe, multi-universe and Omniverse ascend, and help God/dess to complete His/Her Cosmic Day and In-breath and Out-breath of Brahma?

My Beloved Readers, this is all of our Impossible Dream! Never forget what the Master Sananda/Jesus said, “Everything that I can do, you can do and more.” With God, all things are possible! If God, Christ, the Holy Spirit and the Masters are for me, who or what can be against me? I can do all things with Christ who strengthens me! God/dess, my personal power, and the power of my subconscious mind are an unbeatable team! Be the Impossible Dream! Give the Impossible Dream! Receive the Impossible Dream! We are all fully capable of doing this for the I AM THAT I AM lives in each of us as our Mighty I AM Presence which is our true identity. Spirit, the Masters and I, in this holy instant, give you the Spiritual challenge to live the impossible dream from this moment and day forward the rest of your life to your highest potential.

So Let It Be Written! So Let It Be Done!



     Dr. Joshua David Stone: Prosperity Consciousness, Money, and Material Success from the Soul’s Perspective

In series of books I have written, I realized that I have never written a chapter on prosperity consciousness and the issue of money from the soul’s perspective. Since this book deals with a wide variety of issues dealing with the Material and Physical Face of GOD, I thought it was about time I addressed this issue in succinct fashion. Mastering one’s prosperity consciousness, as opposed to poverty consciousness, is an extremely important lesson of the spiritual path. It also has a good deal of bearing on one’s physical health.

When one is stressed out over money this creates a good deal of strain on the physical vehicle. So let’s examine this issue from the soul’s perspective.

The first key to developing prosperity consciousness, rather than poverty consciousness, and making lots of money, is to become right with self and right with GOD. By doing this you develop the “Midas Touch.” This, of course, means that everything you do turns to “gold.”

The second key is letting go of the belief that money and material success is bad. Money, in truth, is a wonderful thing. The more money you have the more you can spend in service of your brothers and sisters, family and self, who are all aspects of GOD. The wealthier you are the more you can help manifest the Divine Plan into third dimensional reality.

The third key is to let go of the belief that to Realize GOD you have to give up all your possessions and be in poverty. This, of course, is a misinterpretation of the Bible and, in truth, just the opposite is true. To Realize GOD fully on all levels and to become a full-fledged Ascended Master you must master all lessons, including this lesson of prosperity consciousness versus poverty consciousness

The fourth key is getting rid of all negative ego thinking and replacing it with Christ thinking. When this is achieved you live in unconditional love and perfect harmony with all your relationships and this creates incredibly good karma.

The fifth key in achieving prosperity consciousness and material success is being creative. By this I mean not waiting for GOD or the inner plane Ascended Masters to conk you over the head and tell you what to do. GOD helps those who help themselves. Pray to GOD and the Masters for guidance as to how to serve and make lots of money, but use your own creative conscious-ness and mind as well.

The sixth golden key is to put GOD and your spiritual path first and have no false gods and ideals; this includes money. The only way to make lots of money is not to be attached to money. The Bible states, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of GOD and all things shall be handed unto thee.” Put GOD and your spiritual path first and material success will inevitably come.

The seventh golden key is to have a flawless character and integrity, always putting the customer first.

The eighth golden key is to totally dedicate your life to service, which will ultimately cause you to have a pure heart and which will cause the universe to reward you.

The ninth golden key is to tithe 10% of your salary to some spiritually worthy cause. If you don’t tithe, you at least should give seed money to those in need and it is totally your right to expect a ten-fold return from both endeavors.

The tenth key is to fully Realize that GOD, your personal power, and the power of your subconscious is a state of mind, not anything outside of self. This key has to do with fully realizing that most people find their financial and material security in things outside of self. The truth is, however, that this is illusion and a philosophy that inevitably will cause suffering, for to fully Realize GOD one must let go of all of their attachments. It is okay to have preferences and even super strong preferences for money and material success, however, if you become attached you are actually pushing that which you want away from yourself. As Lord Buddha said in his Four Noble Truths, “All suffering comes from attachments.” The test to determine whether your security is in GOD, your personal power, and the power of your subconscious mind is to imagine how you would feel if all of your possessions were taken away. Would you still be happy and have inner peace? Would you have confidence and faith or worry, fear, doubt and insecurity? The only true security in life is a belief, knowingness, and understanding of GOD and GOD’s Laws.

Some people might say just GOD is important. However, I am adding here GOD’s Laws because to truly be able to manifest money and material possessions in total confidence and faith you must also be right with self, not just right with GOD. You also must own your personal power as well as utilize the power of your subconscious mind and physical action; GOD will not do it all for you. Understanding GOD and GOD’s Laws as they operate on a superconscious, conscious, subconscious and physical level are the keys to understanding what I call “The Laws of Manifestation.” So, if having faith in GOD includes all these levels of GOD, then saying GOD is your stocks and bonds and financial security would be equally acceptable as well. It is in the integrated understanding of these four levels that total faith and confidence in the ability to manifest money and wealth, no matter what happens in life, truly lies.

On the spiritual or superconscious level the key to manifesting monetary and material success is prayer and meditation. Most people do not pray to GOD and the inner plane Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels and Elohim enough. I am including the Elohim here because they have particular expertise, being the Co-Creator Gods and Goddesses, in the laws of manifestation. These also might be called the three lines of evolution of GOD, which is a concept for another chapter.

Meditation is a key also because once you pray for GOD and the inner plane Masters’ help, it is essential to be able to not only talk with GOD and the GOD Force, but to also listen to GOD and the GOD Force. Once you pray, GOD and the GOD Force may have inner guidance as to ideas or certain steps that they recommend taking to achieve your prayer preferences. This can occur not only in meditation, but also in your daily life through your intuition. An essential part of this key is to stay attuned to GOD, the inner plane Ascended Masters, and your own Mighty I Am Presence for continual guidance.


          Dr. Joshua David Stone: How the Negative Ego Sabotages your Ability to Manifest

This, my Beloved Readers, is another very interesting study of how the negative ego/fear-based/separative thought system can sabotage your ability to manifest success in every aspect of your life, both inwardly and outwardly! I will go through this process step by step, trying to focus on the most important principles first!You have become quite sophisticated in understanding the intricacies of how the negative ego/fear-based thought system operates, so I am not going to take a lot of time to go into great depth on each point since this has been done previously.

The reading of this book and my book Soul Psychology will give you all the insight, training, and tools you will ever need to under-stand, undo and reprogram any thought or emotional pattern covered in this chapter or any other chapter. This is why I have written these two books, to give lightworkers the Spiritual and psychological training they should have received in school. Eventually these things will be taught in school from a very early age! Spiritual psychology, Spirituality, physical/earthly mastery will be as equally important in the future as reading, writing and arithmetic! Earthly school, as practiced in our world, has become an outer endeavor and focus that is devoid of any Spiritual, psychological or physical/earthly training to become God Realized. It is a training of the personality, not of the Soul or Spirit! These two books have been written to give you, in the comfort of your own home, that training course you missed! It is all quite simple once you understand it. However, it is essential to at least take the course once! I am not the only person teaching this course, however, this version of the course is, I humbly suggest, one of the most comprehensive, easy to understand, most practical and cutting-edge! What is nice about this particular course is that you don’t have to go to school or an outer classroom. This is designed as a home self-study course in Spiritual psychology! On this note we will begin your next phase of training on how to avoid the pitfalls and traps of the negative ego in relationship to the laws of manifestation!

The first way the negative ego/fear-based/separative thought system sabotages your ability to manifest is that it has you not own your 100% personal power! My Beloved Readers, be clear about this. You will never be able to manifest anything in your life inwardly or outwardly if you do not own your full personal power! Your personal power puts the force behind everything you do! Awareness without personal power is total victim consciousness. This is why some people lacking in personal power say, “Ignorance is bliss.” No one who has personal power would ever say this! Your personal power is what allows you to be assertive in life but not aggressive! Personal power is what allows you to maintain self mastery over your thoughts, feelings, emotions, subconscious mind, negative ego, inner child, desire body, physical body and Earth life! All manifestation begins with the need to own your personal power!

The second way the negative ego thought system sabotages your ability to manifest is it will have you not unconditionally love yourself and not unconditionally love others! Law number two is you will never be able to manifest unless you do both. Power must be tied to love to manifest. If you are not loving, you will be fearful and attacking. That will only create negative karma. Negative karma is not good for manifesting anything but negative things. If you do not love yourself, you will feel undeserving and or unworthy and this will sabotage your ability to manifest!

The third way the negative ego thought system sabotages your ability to manifest is by making you passive, indolent, and procrastinating. As Carl Jung the famous Swiss psychologist said, “Man’s greatest sin is his indolence”! Don’t put off later what you can do now. He who hesitates is lost! Part of manifestation is owning your power and taking physical action! This is called “Active Intelligence”! It is not enough to just own your personal power and love your-self and others to manifest. You also must take physical action. Many get the opportunities they seek, however they don’t take action when the opportunity arises!

The fourth way the negative ego sabotages this process is it has you act without wisdom. It does this often among lightworkers. They are too impulsive, too scattered, and too emotional. They make a phone call but have not thought out what they wanted to say or got their thoughts organized in their mind. They make a process that should take one step into one that takes five steps! They allow the subconscious mind to make them psychologically and mentally not prepared and clear!

The fifth way the negative ego sabotages the manifestation process is it keeps you disorganized. If you are disorganized you are never going to be able to manifest effectively. The hermetic law states, “As within, so without. As above, so below”! If you are disorganized then what you will manifest in your life is disorganization and chaos! Part of wisdom is having the smarts to start your day by getting organized first. Many people run around like chickens with their heads cut off! They are like a mouse on a wheel, putting out a lot of energy but not going anyplace. Get organized first! A clear mind and heart will help to create a clear manifestation.

The sixth way the negative ego mind sabotages manifestation is to cause you to worry! This, my Beloved Readers, is negative affirmation and negative meditation! Your thoughts create your reality. If you think fearful thoughts long enough you might create that which you are thinking! The Universal Mind through Edgar Cayce said, “Why worry when you can pray?” The negative ego sabotages you by making you forget to pray. My Beloved Readers, why make your life hard for yourself, you have the Power of GOD, Christ, the Holy Spirit, your Mighty I Am Presence, your Higher Self, the inner plane Ascended Masters, the Archangels and Angels, the Elohim Councils, and the Christed Extraterrestrials all there to help you with your every need! There is only one problem! They are not allowed to help unless you ask! Ask and you shall receive, knock and the door shall be opened! Life is a co-creation, not a one man or one woman show!

The next way the negative ego sabotages the manifestation process is that it “carries its cross itself, instead of letting GOD and the inner plane Masters help! This is called surrender! After you pray, give your cross to GOD and the Masters. Yes, you will do your part, however, let GOD and the Masters do their part. Let them carry your responsibilities with you! It is a team effort!

The next way the negative ego sabotages the manifestation process is that it makes you attached to what you want instead of making what you want a “prayer preference”! A basic law of the universe is, that which you are attached to you repel! Have only super strong preferences, not attachments, and you will remain happy all the time whether you get what you want or not. Happiness becomes a state of mind, not something outside of self!

The next way the negative ego blocks manifestation is that it makes you forget to use the power of your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the real attracting and magnetizing aspect of your being! It is the real powerhouse of your energy! It is the seat of your feelings and emotions! It is the storehouse of your energies and all your programming! This is why it is essential to do affirmations and visualizations, and give your subconscious mind self-suggestions to program it to manifest what you what! It will attract to you that which you affirm and visualize into it. It will amaze you with its abilities. The negative ego sabotages you by having you to forget to do your affirmations and visualizations. Use the ones I have outlined in this book. Use the ones in my book Soul Psychology. Make up your own! Remember that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop! Keep your mind affirming and visualizing what you want. Use all five senses! Make it incredibly real! If you keep it up the subconscious mind will amaze you with its ability to manifest.

You must just remember one thing, however. The subconscious mind has no reasoning, and is always manifesting every moment of your life. So if you are not affirming positive thoughts and images into it then negative ones are getting in. That is why some negative things are being attracted and magnetized into your life. Do not let the negative ego make you forget to continuing practicing your affirmations, visualization and continual positive self-suggestion!

The next absolutely critical key to manifestation which the negative ego thought system tries to sabotage is the necessity of maintaining your Spiritual/Christ/Buddha thinking and feeling at all times and to never ever think or feel with your negative ego/fear-based/separative mind. This is also called maintaining a positive mental attitude and feeling at all times. This is absolutely crucial, for remember your thoughts create your reality! As within so without, as above so below! If you only think and feel with your God/Christ/Buddha mind and feelings then that is the only thing you will manifest. You will manifest things only of GOD! If you think with your negative ego/fear-based/separative mind, then that is what you will manifest! My Beloved Readers, it is essential to remember that every thought and feeling you allow into your mind is an affirmation and visualization! Please realize the profundity of this last statement. Every thought and feeling you allow yourself to think or feel is not only an affirmation and visualization, but once accepted into the conscious mind it imprints itself on the subconscious mind like a tape recorder or computer! It will then attract and magnetize that!

As I said, the subconscious is always attracting and magnetizing. It is just a matter of what you allow it to magnetize and attract. So the moment-by-moment thoughts and feelings you allow in your mind and heart are actually the process of doing affirmations and visualizations every moment! You need to own your 100% personal power at all times so you can use it to keep negative thoughts and feelings out of your mind and only allow in and affirm Spiritual/God/Christ/Buddha thoughts and feelings! Deny any thought or feeling not of GOD to enter your mind!

I have given many key ideas here so far in this chapter. However, the four keys to manifestation lie in this statement. GOD and the Masters, my personal power, the power of my subconscious mind and my physical body are an unbeatable team! There is much profundity in this affirmation and you should say it often! It is one of my favorite affirmations I ever created! This is how the Integrated Ascended Master manifests. He or she works the laws on all four levels. They use personal power and Spiritual/Christ/Buddha thinking and feeling on the conscious level, prayer on the Spiritual level, affirmations, visualizations and self-suggestion on the subconscious level, and right physical action on the physical level. The negative ego will try to make you forget one of these levels. If you do, it will sabotage the process. All four levels must be maintained and continued in a structured, self-disciplined and continual manner and if you do this, success will be assured!

The next way the negative ego sabotages manifestation is by having you work your program for a little while and then get distracted by side roads, temptations, Spiritual weariness, lack of self-discipline, lack of Spiritual structure, or giving up. Beloved Readers the only way to manifest is to work your program! This is not a hundred-yard dash and then it is over and you are back to your regular life. This is a lifelong program! Being a Spiritual Master and a master manifestor with the “Midas Touch” is a full time job! Life is a marathon, not a sprint! You need to set up a Spiritual regime and structure. It is just like going to the gym three times a week and working out. You don’t exercise for three weeks and then stop. You must stay in shape! Well, my Beloved Readers, as the Rocky movie stated, it is time to get back “the eye of the tiger”! It is time to get back to the “old gym”! It is time to get back to the Spiritual gym, the mental gym, the emotional gym and the physical/earthly gym! It is time to pay your rent to GOD on all levels! It is time to get physically fit, mentally fit, emotionally fit and Spiritually fit! You will never become a master manifestor with the “Midas Touch” without having this attitude and demonstration! The negative ego will try and sabotage this. It will say, “I can’t, I am too busy with the romantic relationship I am involved in. I am too tired! I have other things to do that are more important. I will do it tomorrow! I will give in this one time! I give up!” Do not listen to the feeble negative ego excuses. You must ask yourself, do you want God Realization and God manifestation in every aspect of your life? If the answer is yes, then work your Spiritual program and do not stop your Spiritual practices! Do them with your partner!

The next way the negative ego sabotages is that it creates doubt, fear, and impatience. I say to you, my Beloved Brothers and Sisters, that one of the keys to manifestion is faith, trust, and patience! You must have faith in GOD, the Masters, and GOD’s Laws that I am sharing with you! How could you own your full personal power and positive thinking and feeling, with GOD’s and the Master’s full love, wisdom and power, with the power of your subconscious mind, and with right action and applying all the insights and suggestions given in this chapter not be successful? We are not dealing here with a whimsical thing. We are dealing with Cosmic and Universal laws. If you apply them they work every time! For this reason have faith, trust and patience in GOD and GOD’s Laws! Things work a little slower on this plane than they do on the higher planes when you are not in a physical body!

Another way the negative ego sabotages your manifestation is that it makes you go on automatic pilot, and fall asleep while living your life. The negative ego makes you go unconscious and fall back into self-hypnosis. You must be conscious and aware at all times if you want to be a Spiritual master and master manifestor! The key lesson here is do not lose your “Joyous Spiritual Vigilance” against the negative ego and all its negative thoughts, images, feelings and wrong actions it would try to have you make!

Another way the negative ego blocks manifestation is that it doesn’t have you engage the emotional body in the process. Remember what I said about the subconscious mind being the powerhouse of attraction within your relationship to self. This is because it stores all the feelings and emotions. So to engage the subconscious mind you must manifest and do your Spiritual practices with Spiritual passion, enthusiasm, love, joy, happiness, and Spirit! If you are going to take the negative ego’s view that this is drudgery and just go through the motions, it is not going to work. As A Course In Miracles says, “True pleasure is serving GOD”! What else are you going to do with your time, indulge your lower-self? The negative ego has this backwards as it has everything backwards. This is not drudgery, this is living life in Praise of GOD! It is making your life a Song of GOD! It is making your life a creation like Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel!

I humbly submit to you that I work 100 times harder than the average person, and get about 100 times more done than the average person, however I never ever consider myself working. I can’t wait to get up in the morning! I can’t wait to get out of bed! The more I do my Spiritual practices and work the more energy I have! If GOD gave me a billion dollars I would be doing the exact same thing! Serving GOD is pleasure! Serving the negative ego is work! That is what is draining beyond belief! I love doing GOD’s Spiritual practices and work! I look at it, experience it and feel it as bliss, for what was once self-discipline when the negative ego, subconscious mind and emotional body were in control becomes total joy, bliss and “my cup runneth over” once one develops a habit of living as a Spiritual master and master manifestor! Practicing being a Spiritual master and master manifestor on all levels will not take away energy, it will give you infinite amounts of love, energy, joy and bliss! It will give you a “peace that passeth understanding”! It will bring you success beyond your wildest dreams and expectations in every aspect of your life!

So engage your feelings and emotions in this process, for by engaging the feeling and emotional body this engages the subconscious mind and Spiritually electrifies your whole being, which makes the manifestation infinitely stronger and faster! Look how you feel reading this chapter and entire book. This book does not put you to sleep, for it is integrated and engages Spiritual passion and enthusiasm. There is nothing worse than going to hear a speaker with no Spiritual passion! There is nothing worse than reading a dry boring booking except if you want to use it as a sleeping pill before bed! You also do not want to be a boring person. Master your feelings and emotions in service of GOD. Do not let negative ego feelings and emotions manifest within you! However, fully integrate your feeling and emotions and unconditional love, Spiritual passion, and enthusiasm, for this is a key ingredient to God Realization and a key ingredient to being a master Spiritual magnetizer and attractor!

Another way the negative ego sabotages manifestation is by not having you take care of earthly business. To manifest effectively you must get your Spiritual house in order, your psychological house in order, and your earthly house in order. This means taking care of errands, taxes, phone calls, correspondence, e-mail, faxes, and other earthly things that need doing! If you have to hire someone to help you, so be it. However, stay on top of this thing. The pursuit of excellence must be maintained on all three levels: Spiritual, psychological and earthly at all times at a 100% level to the best of your ability. Do not settle for anything less in everything you do!

The next way the negative ego sabotages this process is by not being in integrity and honesty! Remember, everything in the infinite universe is a part of GOD! So if you are not in integrity, or are dishonest or negatively selfish in your business, you are stealing from God, which is yourself! Even if you have no money, maintain your integrity, honesty, egolessness, and selflessness. “What does it profit a man that he gains the whole world but loses his own Soul”!

Another way the negative ego sabotages the manifestation process is that it tells you that you are working for self instead of GOD! This of course is the great illusion of the negative ego, as if a separate self actually existed from GOD! How can this be when all that exists was created by GOD! We all live and move and have our being within GOD; and we all are Gods! So the concept of the word “work” is an illusion. This is a word that was created by the personality and negative ego thought system. I never go to work; I go to “Service”! It does not matter what you do. You could clean toilets, or collect garbage! This is a most holy and sanctified service of GOD! The “Material Universe” is a Face of GOD as well! All cleanliness and purification on every level is a Spiritual practice! It does not matter what type of work you do, it is the attitude and perspective you take towards it! See each customer as God, which is who and what they are, and treat them as such! See yourself as God! See the process as Son and Daughter of GOD serving Son and Daughter of GOD in service of GOD! Once we become Spiritual masters the main reason for being here is to serve! Taking this attitude makes work not work, but makes work a Spiritual practice which is the joy of serving GOD and the joy of serving your Brothers and Sisters in GOD!

Another way the negative ego sabotages the manifestation process is that it makes you forget to chant the names of GOD inwardly or outwardly in your life! If your mind is always filled with GOD, then your feelings will always be filled with GOD! Then your subconscious mind will only be filled with GOD! Then your actions will only be filled with GOD! Then you will manifest only things of GOD! Let life be a joyous song of love and praise to GOD! In your free time, or if a negative thought, image or feeling tries to get in, push it out, and immediately start chanting the names of GOD! You will find these listed in my books The Golden Book of Melchizedek: How To Become An Integrated Christ/Buddha in this lifetime, and in my book The Complete Ascension Manual. There is a larger list in the first book I mentioned! This is a most wonderful practice that many Westerners don’t think about. The names of GOD can also be put to music in the forms of devotional songs or bhajans! One of the total keys to manifestation I am sharing here is the importance of keeping the mind and attention steady in the Light! What manifests in life is where you put your attention! Keep your attention only on GOD, only on Love, only on the Light! When temptation or negativity arise, one of the many tools I am presenting here is to inwardly or outwardly chant one of the many names or mantras of GOD, which will keep the mind where it needs to be! For as I said before, an idle mind is the devil’s workshop! This bears repeating! Chanting the names of GOD can be an invaluable and joyous Spiritual tool!

Dr. Joshua David Stone: The 40 Golden Keys to Becoming Financially Wealthy

HJ: As part of my ongoing efforts to help souls overcome poverty consciousness/mindsets, I present a fantastic article by Dr. Joshua David Stone which outlines 40 ways of living in alignment with abundance, prosperity, and wealth.  We create much of our own suffering and it is also up to us to correct these tendencies.  Financial freedom can bring great peace of mind, contrary to what you have been told and led to believe… – Truth



     The 40 Golden Keys to Becoming Financially Wealthy

By Dr Joshua David Stone

I AM University

My Beloved Readers, in these hard times on Earth, particularly since 9/11, with global terrorism, wars and global recession, just about every person on Planet Earth is dealing with money issues, and especially Lightworkers. Because of this, Spirit and the Masters have guided me to write a comprehensive Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness understanding of the laws of prosperity as seen by God and the inner plane Ascended Masters. Spirit and the Masters have guided me to call this lesson, “The 40 Golden Keys to Becoming Financially Wealthy!”

I will begin one-by-one listing these 40 laws of prosperity from an integrated perspective and an Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness perspective. These are the 40 laws of prosperity that Enlightened Beings use and Integrated Ascended Masters use to manifest money, wealth and prosperity.

Law 1: The first law of prosperity is the law of prayer. This involves invoking the help of the Superconscious Mind, Mighty I AM Presence, Holy Spirit, God, the Trinity, the Ascended Masters, the Angels, the Elohim and Spirit-attuned Extraterrestrials to help you manifest your prosperity prayers. When you pray, write the prayer down. Be specific. Make sure the prayer is in harmony with God’s Will and that you are asking for a pure purpose. For example, you are not asking for a million dollars so you can live a life of hedonism. There is nothing wrong with asking for money or material things as long as it is in the context of your Spiritual path.

Law 2: On a conscious level, do everything you can do on a personal power and action level to manifest the prayer. Don’t just make a prayer and stay in your apartment and never leave. Each mind has its part to play in an Enlightened Being’s understanding and ability to manifest prosperity. You must listen to your inner guidance and intuition and when it guides you to take action you must do so. For example, you may pray and the answer to your prayers is to meet a certain person at the laundromat; however, if you do not listen to your inner guidance and intuition to do your laundry that night, you may miss that opportunity.

Law 3: The third law of prosperity is to use the power of the subconscious mind to manifest prosperity. This means to do prosperity affirmations and visualizations throughout your day to program your subconscious mind to attract and magnetize prosperity to you. Anything you affirm or visualize into the subconscious mind of a positive or negative nature will be attracted to you in time. This is the law!

Law 4: Be sure to always practice positive thinking and imaging in your daily life in general, and to be very careful of the words you speak to make sure you are demonstrating prosperity consciousness and not poverty consciousness in your daily thoughts, images and words. Many people’s affirmations and creative visualizations do not work because the self-talk that goes on in their consciousness 24 hours a day is so negative and poverty-driven in nature!

Law 5: If you are going to pray, then law number five is that you must have faith, trust and patience in God and God’s Laws. On the Earthly plane things do not move as fast as in the Spirit World. So faith, trust and patience is needed, as well as perseverance and consistency of your manifestation practices. If you doubt the prayer in your consciousness, then you are doing unconscious negative affirmations and negative self-talk, which is sabotaging your manifestation.

Law 6: The next law has to do with alignment and integration. For prosperity and manifestation to work, there must be a consistency of alignment and integration between the Superconscious Mind, conscious mind, subconscious mind, physical body and the Earthly world. This is the place most people falter in prosperity consciousness and manifestation, for they do not get all levels aligned consistently!

Law 7: The seventh law is that God works in mysterious ways. So do not limit God by telling God the prosperity has to come in a certain way. Be open to all avenues of prosperity, even ones you have not conceived of as a possibility!

Law 8: The next law deals with the importance of gratitude and being grateful for all that you have. This is a very key law to prosperity, which is to appreciate that which you have. If you do not do this, it will put up one of many possible blocks to the prosperity and manifestation process.

Law 9: The next law is to not be attached to your prayer, for all prayers should be prayer preferences not prayer attachments. The quickest way to sabotage a prayer is to become attached to it and to lose your happiness if you do not get it in a time period you want it.

Law 10: When you do your creative visualization use all your inner senses. See yourself getting the money. Feel the money. Smell the money. Touch the money. Make it so real that it is as real in your imagination as real life is. When it is that real, then the power of the subconscious mind is really put to work.

Law 11: This law deals with the importance of setting up a Spiritual battleplan to achieve your prayer goal. In this Spiritual battleplan list every possible thing you can do to manifest this prayer on every level. For example, it might involve advertising, lighting a special candle every day, making phone calls, studying books and on and on. List every possible thing you can do on every level to accelerate the process and do these things in daily life.

Law 12: The next law is to keep your prayer goal confidential. One of the best ways to sabotage your prayer goal is to talk about it too much with other people. This is for two reasons. The first is that talking about it dissipates the energy. Better to keep it all inside and not dissipate it. Secondly, other people often say things that program in doubt. As the Bible says, “Don’t cast pearls to swine (unconscious people)!”

Law 13: The next law deals with the importance of remembering that you are an incarnation of God and the infinite universe is part of your body. So when you pray, see your consciousness and body containing the Infinite Universe. This will greatly strengthen the manifestation of your prayer goal.

Law 14: When you pray, pray with full personal power and as Spirit, Christ, Buddha and the Eternal Self. Do not pray as a child and do not pray as a lowly, sinful worm.

Law 15: The next law of prosperity is that if you achieve your prayer goal, do not boast or necessarily even talk about it. Give all gratitude to God! For do not forget the adage from the Bible, “After pride cometh the fall!”

Law 16: The next law of prosperity is to find your security within yourself, not outside yourself. To remember this myself I use the affirmation, “God and the Masters, my personal power and the power of my subconscious mind are my stocks, bonds and financial security!” This way, even if everything was taken away, I know I can build it all back up again using these same inner laws and powers!

Law 17: Whatever form of manifestation takes place, bless that experience and thank God for it. Always remember, God gives you the perfect lessons and Spiritual tests you need at any given moment. Sometimes God may test your faith and Christ Consciousness before giving you the keys to the Kingdom!

Law 18: Practice perseverance, for this prosperity program is a continual lifetime process. You will always be manifesting things. As the Bible says, “Be ye faithful unto death, and I will give thee a Crown of Life!” Many times people give up moments before the actual manifestation is about to take place. It also must be remembered that these are laws of God and they work every time if applied accurately, consistently and in a persevering manner.

Law 19: The next law is to hold the energy and etheric form of that which you are trying to manifest. So in other words, if you are trying to manifest the lottery, see the energy of the lottery embodied within you and see yourself having already manifested the lottery on the etheric plane. So it is just waiting to manifest on the Earthly plane any moment.

Law 20: When you pray always ask for this or something better. It is always good to say that, for God may have something even better for you that you had not even thought of!

Law 21: The next law is to release all guilt, and thoughts or feelings of being undeserving. Forgive self for all mistakes and let go of the past. Know that God wants you to be prosperous so you can be of greater service. Your worth comes from the fact that God created you and God does not make junk!

Law 22: When you complete the prayer, surrender the prayer to God and visualize it floating up like a bubble merging into God’s Heart.

Law 23: Before doing the prayer, clear all negativity in yourself and clear all negativity in your relationships. If you have any old debts of any kind pay them off, or make a plan to pay them, and make sure things are clear between you and the other person or people!

Law 24: The next law is to experience yourself as inwardly rich. The person who is an inner millionaire is the one who lives their life in Spiritual / Christ / Buddha / Krishna / Moses / Mohammed / Mighty I AM Presence / God / Goddess Consciousness in an integrated and balanced way! Many people have money but they do not have happiness or inner peace, and are not at one with God. By developing this first, we develop the Midas touch and everything turns to gold. So in your life, act like a millionaire. This does not mean being frivolous and wasteful with your money, but rather just having that air and Aura in total humility of being a millionaire. This will help attract it to you!

Law 25: Realize that any money or material thing you receive is not really yours, it is God’s and so use it in a sanctified manner. God wants you to have money and be a millionaire, for the more money you have the more you can give to others and the more you can use that money to help others.

Law 26: The next law of prosperity is that of completion. This is an interesting law. Let’s say you are trying to manifest a new house. One of the laws of prosperity is that to manifest a new house you must complete the old house. Before you move you must completely clean it whether the landlord requires it or not. You must get everything organized and leave that house better than it was before you moved in. This is the same law that campers and hikers know about. Whenever one leaves a campsite they always leave it in better condition than when they found it. This is crucial to the manifestation process in terms of accelerating it.

Law 27: The next law of prosperity is to get rid of all negativity on every level inwardly and outwardly, which leaves room for the new energy to come in. If you have a trash can filled with trash it just makes sense that you throw out the trash first to make room for a new energy to manifest. One must die to the old self to allow the rebirth to take place. So what you are attempting to do in this law is to create a vacuum for this new energy to manifest into. This is the law of precipitation.

Law 28: The next law is the law of equivalency. Let’s say you are trying to manifest a trip to Hawaii. When you pray, don’t limit the prayer to just asking for the money so you can go to Hawaii. Ask to go to Hawaii and God may have someone give you a free ticket or you may win some prize, or you could win some money or be given some money. We do not want to limit the ways God can give us what we want.

Law 29: This law of prosperity deals with the law of generosity. If you expect God to be generous with you then you must be generous with God’s Sons and Daughters and your brothers and sisters.

Law 30: The next law of prosperity is that you must be happy for other people’s prosperity. For if you are jealous, envious, in competition and bitter or upset when other people gain prosperity that you do not have, this is the number one quickest way to block yourself from ever having any. What you give to another is what you give to yourself. Your brother and sister are incarnations of God and there is only one being and we all share that identity, so if you are not happy for another’s abundance, even though you do not share it, you have only succeeded in sabotaging your own abundance. Does your left hand become upset at the success and health of your right ear? This is literally how absurd being jealous, envious or unhappy about another’s success is.

Law 31: See money as a very Spiritual thing or commodity, not as a dirty thing. Have you ever looked at the back of a United States dollar bill? It has a pyramid with a crystal capstone on top of it, with a Third Eye coming out through the crystal capstone. In the center of the dollar bill are the words, “In God We Trust!” If you think of money as dirty or the root of all evil, which it is not, you will block your prosperity. The creators of the American money were extremely Spiritual people. They were involved in very mystical orders such as the Rosicrucians and others like it. They put all kinds of esoteric symbols all over the money to Spiritualize it. It is very important to understand this! It’s a good idea that whenever you give money or write a check, to say a prayer for the money, or bless the money, or charge it with Spiritual energy or stamp your check with some Spiritual words or a Spiritual symbol to use it as a vehicle of Self and God Realization!

Law 32: The next law of prosperity is tithing. This is the law of giving 10% of your monthly income each month to a Spiritual or Godly cause. It may be the source of your Spiritual education, or someplace else if you prefer. The law states, “If you give 10% away, you will receive a ten-fold return!”

Law 33: The next law of prosperity is the law of seed money. This is different from tithing. The law of seed money states that you can give away any amount of money to a needy cause and you will receive a ten-fold return. So if you want to buy a $2,000 computer, the first thing you should do is give away $200. Sounds funny, but this is the way the law works. As the Universal Mind through Edgar Cayce said, “Every jot and tittle of the law will be fulfilled!” We are dealing with universal laws here, not a whimsical God. If you apply these laws they will work every time. God does have discretion in all things; however, if you fulfill the law S/He will fulfill His/Her Promises! So let it be written! So let it be done!

Law 34: The next law of prosperity deals with the importance of paying your bills, so you can begin your prosperity program with all debts paid!

Law 35: The next law of prosperity is to understand that prosperity is a state of mind, not how much money you have in your bank account or how many material possessions you have. A person with a billion dollars can be worrying about money and have poverty consciousness. A woman on welfare with ten kids, having faith in God and self, with no money, can have prosperity consciousness!

Law 36: The next law of prosperity is that everything in the infinite universe is made of the energy of God or of the energy of the Logos. So all Spiritual and material energy is divine substance or logoic energy or God energy. Since we are co-creators with God and are incarnations of God we have absolute control over this divine substance with the power of our mind, imagination, prayers and actions! So see the infinite universe as this divine substance when you do your manifestation work!

Law 37: The next law of prosperity is to be in integrity in everything you do around your business and money. Take the attitude that your customer or client is always right. Obviously never cheat or steal from a customer or take advantage of one. See every customer as an incarnation of God and treat them as such. Be in absolute integrity behind everything you do on every level in your business dealings.

Law 38: The next law of prosperity is to call on your Superconscious Mind, Oversoul, Mighty I AM Presence, the Holy Spirit, the Christ, God, the Archangels and Angels of money and finance, the Seven Mighty Elohim of manifestation and the Ascended Masters for help in your finances. Turn your financial affairs over to Spirit / the Christ within / the Buddha within / the Krishna within / the Moses within / the Mohammed within / the Mighty I Am Presence within / God within / Goddess within.

Law 39: The next law of prosperity is to see your life as God in action on every level, bringing money and business opportunities to you like a divine magnet. See the infinite universe working in prosperity in relationship to you!

Law 40: The next law of prosperity is to stay very focused in your attention when doing your prosperity and manifestation work. Sometimes the mind has a tendency to wander and this causes a lack of attunement. Be masterful and disciplined in your efforts, and work your program even three times a day every day until it manifests!

So Let It Be Written! So Let It Be Done!

Written by Dr Joshua David Stone


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